Garage Door Repair Services Marina del Rey

If your garage door is off its tracks…  If your garage door sensor is on the blink… If your garage door springs are making worrisome noises…  If your garage door needs to be replaced…  If your garage door has been dented due to abuse or accident…  If you’re experiencing these or any other related issues, Garage Door Repair in Marina del Rey is here for you.

We service all types of garages doors as well as their related components,  We’ll do our best to fix the issue, and only replace things as a last resort.  We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your garage door system and advise you of not only the obvious issues, but also the underlying causes that could cause much bigger, more expensive problem in the future.

Garage Door Panel Repair Marina del Rey CAYou may be able to fix some of the smaller garage door issues yourself, but you will definitely want to enlist the services of a company to tackle the large issues.  Keep in mind that your garage door is among the heaviest things in your house, and you don’t want to risk accident and injury, especially when it comes to replacing garage door springs or door panels.

We’re ready to take your call!  Call us today at (310) 694-9843.

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