Overhead Door BlogWhen you’re on your way or just coming home from a long day of work, and let’s say the garage door opener doesn’t work do not keep pressing the button. There are a number of things that ca create this issue you could avoid causing anymore damage to the door by taking some time to investigate these simple problems.

 Is it locked? Although it might sound like a silly question, some people aren’t aware garage door openers also feature a lock button on the interior wall station. It’s used to increase security when you’re away from home. It may also have an interior slide lock on the Garage door. It’s worth it from your pocket to have a quick look and can save you from having to pay for a service call.

Is the remote control working?  Open the battery compartment to make sure no corrosion has built up on the terminals, this can be cleaned off with a small emery board or file; also verify that the terminals are proper contact with the battery by carefully squeezing them together they will often loosen over the years with repetitive battery replacing. Reprogramming if necessary by following the instructions, if you see that the button is sticky or hard to push it may be time for replacement. Are safety sensors working properly?   If the safety sensors are working neither will the remote control nor exterior wireless keypad each sensor will have a small LED light on it.  Make sure both LED s are lit; If the light is off or flashing constantly there is most likely a problem with the sensor and or power head.   Check the wires attached to the sensors for rusting or connection issues call your local service provider if needed.

Is anything broken?  It is best to do a visual check on springs, cables, pulleys, hinges, rollers, etc. It is important to know springs are under high tension, especially when the garage door is in the closed position.  Never try to replace the springs yourself you can experience a high risk injury, always contact your local overhead door provider for broken parts.

Do you live in cold climate?  Cold climate can also cause havoc on your Garage door if you come across a problem your unsure of that could be the cause. It’s always best to have your garage looked at and maintained by a professional for this reason