1priopenerWhenever your garage door won’t open or close properly it might be because there’s a problem with the tracks. Here’s a few things you can do to put the door back on the tracks.


1) The first thing you should do is check to see if the tracks are loose. Make sure they’re anchored to the wall. Usually whenever a garage door starts going off track it’s because the tracks are loosened.

Make sure the brackets that hold the tracks into place are tighten. If not, then you need to tighten up the bolts so the tracks become secure into place again. Also check to see if there’s any dents in the tracks.

Tracks that become bent can cause the garage door to go off track. You can fix these dents by hammering them in with some type of hammer. If the tracks become badly damage, then you need to have them replaced immediately.


2) You need make sure the tracks are aligned properly. You can do this by using a level. If you have tracks that’s horizontal, they need to be slightly slanted down the back of the garage door.

If you’re using a roll-up door then the section with the vertical tracks need to be exactly leveled. If the tracks aren’t at the right level, loosen the brackets first that hold them in position. After that carefully tap the tracks so they become aligned.

Make sure the tracks are at the same height located on the walls of the garage door.


3) Lots of people tend to forget this, but always keep the tracks clean. Sometimes garage doors can get off track because of the amount of dirt and grease built up on the tracks.


4) After the tracks are clean you should lubricate different parts of the door to help it open and close more smoothly. Get a lubricant that comes as a spray and hit parts like the rollers, tracks, and other sections.

Silicone spray specifically works the best for lubricating the rollers, but household oil can be use as an alternative.


5) Check for any other other loose parts on the door. Check for loose screws, bolts, hinges, and any other important components that might need to be tightened or even replaced. If you find any parts badly damage, replace them immediately.